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Just a few days ago, I sent out a link about breakfast options in the neighborhood…

Just down the road on Esplanade there is one more!

For those looking for coffee and beignets, there’s an option in City Park…

Speaking of City Park, did you check out Jimmy Fahrenholtz’s awe-inspiring photo?

And, for entertainment right here in Faubourg St. John, there is Romeo and Juliet tonight…

and Scrooge in Rouge on Thursday…

Don’t forget your civic duty this Saturday…

Neighbor Howard Mielke suggests you get the lead out…

Work on removing the old flood control structure has begun!

Neighbors Get Letters…

Did you hear about the neighbor that got exposed at City Hall?

‘Tis the season for Buck Moths…

Let’s roll! Give generously at Rouse’s to fill an 18 wheeler full of much needed items for storm victims in the Northeast. Remember how good it felt after “the storm” to have all those wonderful people helping us recover? Let’s share the love!

Don’t forget to bring your food donation to the meeting on December 11th…

Check out info about the racing season at the Fair Grounds…

Hey, if you don’t mind sharing your bumper crop of fruit on that tree in your yard, consider giving these folks a call… They’ll pick your tree for free!

How ’bout that Jared Zeller and the Mothership Foundation? Five huge trees planted along the bayou. Now we just have to keep them watered. Can you help?

Those trees are real treasures. Planting those five huge trees on Bayou St. John yielded some bounty! Come to the FSJNA meeting at the Fair Grounds in the Black Gold room this Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 6:30 p.m. and you’ll get to see first-hand some of the items found.

Richard Angelico generously put the items in a display box so everyone can see them at the Dec. 11th meeting.

Did you know Tommy Lewis can cook?

Got Wild Cats?

Faubourg St. John got railroaded. That’s right, CN railroad donated $ 1,250 to the Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association.

City Takes Action on Relentless Bandit

Did you know you could be a Blight Czar?

If you live in Faubourg St. John, you know it’s a wonderful life here. The Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association’s mission is to make sure that it stays that way. What would Faubourg St. John look like if the neighborhood association had never been born?

Have any news you’d like to share? Send it to info at fsjna dot org (

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