City Removes Dead Tree
City takes action on dead tree at 3309 Grand Route Saint John.  February 15, 2016

City takes action on dead tree at 3309 Grand Route Saint John. February 15, 2016

On February 8, 2016, the dead tree at 3309 Grand Route Saint John once again relieved itself of branches.  This time one of the branches shattered the glass sunroof of the resident’s vehicle.

The City was contacted via 311 and the tree was removed on February 15, 2016.

Many thanks to 311, Anne MacDonald of Parks and Parkways, The Parks and Parkway crew, and Mary Cunningham in the District A office of the City Council for their quick action to resolve this hazardous situation.


December 18, 2015

treedown2015dec18The tree in front of 3309 Grand Route Saint John has been dying for quite some time. Recently, small parts of the tree have been falling on cars parked under or near the tree. This morning, a large branch ended up in the street.

I called 311 and within 30 minutes, Chief Urban Forester Bob Richards with the City of New Orleansbobrichards-bw-2015dec18 drove up in a white City pickup truck. He hopped out, grabbed the chain saw he brought with him and within just a few minutes had the pieces of the large branch loaded up in the truck.

Bob said he’ll be sending in a work order for the rest of the tree since it is clearly dead and poses a hazard to citizens. Many thanks to 311 and Bob Richards for their quick action on this hazardous situation.

This situation drives home the importance of planting the correct tree between the sidewalk and the street.

Please consider the trees in the list below when considering a tree to plant between the sidewalk and the street:


The most important consideration in planting trees and shrubs is the planting depth. Don’t plant too deep! Plant all trees and shrubs about one inch above the surface of the existing soil. No dirt should be placed on top of the existing roots and nursery soil so as to not smother the root system. Mulch well, leaving a two inch gap around the caliper(s) of the plant.For the most efficient use of water, construct an earthen berm two to three inches high around the drip zone area of the plant after planting. Water in well after planting!


Want more information on what to plant between the sidewalk and the street?
Contact Parkway Partners at:
Phone: (504) 620-2224
Fax: (504) 620-2225

The Department of Parks and Parkways maintains all City trees. These include trees on public property such as neutral grounds and in parks, and trees between the sidewalk and street.

Employees at the Department of Parks and Parkways perform an enormous number of tasks to maintain and upgrade public green spaces, and to re-green and beautify New Orleans. These include:

Tree Trimming, Planting & Removal
Permitting Work on Public Trees
Mowing, Edging, Weeding, Trimming and Planting on Neutral Grounds
Maintaining equipment and facilities in Parkways parks
Annual Tree Sale
Work closely with neighborhood groups and volunteer groups both local and from out of town

The Parkways team consists of licensed arborists, licensed horticulturalists, golf course professionals, licensed landscape architects, grounds keeping specialists and the hard-working arboreal and grounds maintenance teams.

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