Fortier Park
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sent in by Keith Hardie Here is an essay by Michael Kimmelman about the importance ...
Help Feed New Orleanians – Buy Capstone Honey at Terranova’s
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HELP FEED NEW ORLEANIANS CAPSTONE is a non-profit in the Lower 9th Ward. Capstone is a small non profit that has taken previously blighted or vacant lots in the Lower Ninth Ward and ...
Charlie’s Neighborhood News
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Charlie’s Neighborhood News Your neighborhood news source Would you like to know what is happening in and around Faubourg St. John? Mid-City? Parkview? Desaix? Treme? Are you ...
Optimizing Blight Strategies
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New Orleanians are rightfully concerned about blighted properties. Although blight has declined substantially since 2008 thanks to billions of federal housing dollars, New Orleans still ...
A blighted home on Verna Street.   photo by Charlie London
Blight Reduction Strategy
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An analysis by Justin Kray As a City Planner and former lead architect of the BlightStat program while working at OPA, I am in a unique position to offer some deeper insight on this ...
What’s Wrong with This Picture?
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courtesy the Urban Conservancy What’s Wrong with This Picture?  A Public Forum on Yard Paving Excessive paving in the required front and corner lot side yard areas, as well as ...
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$368,000 for 200 North Alexander to bidder #5. A well-known Faubourg St. John resident who lives on the bayou and a man from Chicago were rumored to be the back-n-forth bidders. ...
BlightStat Revisited
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by Charlie London I took a new job about six months ago that no longer allows me to attend the BlightStat meetings on a regular basis as I once did. It was great to see the ...
Construction Celebration
/ March 2, 2013 0 COMMENTS click on the announcement for a larger view Tuesday | March 5th Meet under the big dome on the bayou –> ...
Relentless Bandit
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Have you seen those Discount Tree Cutting signs? Those plywood signs that are 4 feet by 4 feet in size posted about 15-20 feet high on utility poles throughout the city? These signs ...
Be a Blight Czar
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You can be the “Blight Czar” for your neighborhood right at your computer. Go to and enter the name of any street in your area to see ...
BlightStatus Arrives
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Click here to view the City’s presentation at today’s BlightStat meeting. MAYOR LANDRIEU, CODE FOR AMERICA TO UNVEIL NEW TECHNOLOGY TO TRACK BLIGHTED PROPERTIES If you are ...
BlightStat Gets National Recognition
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NEW ORLEANS, LA — Today, the City of New Orleans announced that its Blight Reduction Strategy has been named a 2012 Bright Idea in Government by Harvard University’s Ash ...
Code for America
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Jennifer Pahlka talks about Code for America. A Code for America team is currently working on the BLIGHT STATUS website.
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BlightSTATUS makes it simple for residents to find out what’s going on with blighted properties in their community – no long waits on the telephone or visits to City Hall required. A ...