May 21 – Bayou Planting

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Another phase of the Coypu grant is about to begin. Caitlin Reilly of the Jefferson Parish Ag center and manager of aquatic grasses/irises at Pelican Green house in City Park, has ordered and will be storing a whole lot of water grasses and Louisiana Irises for planting on exposed banks of Bayou St John.

Thank you Rich Sacher, of American Aquatic gardens for donating 50-75 hybrid La Irises.

Caitlin has gotten the ok from Wildlife and Fisheries and Scenic Rivers and Streams. We will plant from the Dumaine Bridge to the beginning of the pilings (4-500 ft).

Other non-neighborhood people will be assisting (Young Leadership Council, grad students). This is a big project and your help is really needed! Only people ready to get muddy and sweaty need apply!!

-2 or 3 trucks to meet at 7:45 AM at the Pelican greenhouse in city Park to transport plants that have been sitting in water
-Could use help at 8:30 to distribute/position plants beginning at the Dumaine Bridge
-9AM brief instructions and time to plant. We need to borrow some hip boots. I will return them clean.
-Wear boots/old clothes/hat. Bring gloves/shovel/hoe if you have them.
-We could use 3or 4 wheelbarrows to scatter mulch

Available will be a hose, gloves,sanitizing dispensers, bug spray, sunscreen and water.

Please respond to me if you can assist in any way.
Bobby Wozniak

1322 North Lopez Street
New Orleans, LA 70119
Home (504) 488-7316
Cell (504) 452-0386

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