Our Own Fantasy Island

by Charlie London

Anyone who viewed the old “Fantasy Island” TV series knows well the refrain of the actor who announced the arrival of guests. For those who have no idea what I am referring to, please visit the link below:

Several neighbors noticed a large low flying plane over Faubourg St. John last night. This plane wasn’t bringing guests to our version of Fantasy Island but ridding its residents of mosquitos. You can learn more about this valuable city service in the link below:

Faubourg St. John is a neighborhood located just north of Broad Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It is approximately 75 city blocks in area and has an average elevation of about 1 foot above sea level. Not bad when you consider much of New Orleans is several feet under sea level. More than 4,000 residents call Faubourg St. John home.

One of New Orleans’ finest neighborhoods, Faubourg St. John is famous for its stately trees, abundant parks, spectacular homes, world-class museums, vibrant waterways and fine shops throughout the neighborhood especially along its business districts on Ponce de Leon and Broad Avenue.

Although sometimes referred to as back-of-town by some New Orleanians, Faubourg St. John contains the full range of residential uses, fun and friendly business districts, office space, a wide range of medical services and a small amount of industrial property. This full range of land use, plus the economic and ethnic diversity of the neighborhoods’s population qualifies Faubourg St. John as a premier destination.

“Where Big Dreams Grow!”

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