Happy Trails

While the banks of the bayou could use mowing, the trail along the bayou from Orleans to Esplanade is neatly trimmed. Dean Burridge mows the trail along the bayou and Fortier Park and has done so for quite some time. Next time you see Dean Burridge give him a high five, a hand shake and a hearty thank you!

Dean is one of those guys who gets annoyed when his contributions are recognized. He does things around the neighborhood just because its the right thing to do.

Did you know that Dean also takes care of the fish in the ponds at Fortier Park and the big pond in front of the museum? He also does several daily patrols around the neighborhood every day with his dog Bennie. You’ll see him early in the morning, during the day and late at night. He also attends the monthly meetings with NOPD and keeps the neighborhood informed on what’s happening on the crime front.

Dean is just one of the many volunteers that help make Faubourg St. John the place where big dreams grow!

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