Mary Cunningham Gets Things Done

Faubourg St. John neighbor Richard Angelico contacted Mary Cunningham who works in Councilmember Palmer’s office (District C) about a limb hit by an 18 wheeler on Grand Route St John, directly across the street from 3229 Grand Route Saint John. Mr. Angelico said the limb was dangling dangerously and mixed up in electric wires. Ms. Cunningham immediately took action. She contacted Parks and Parkways, Entergy and the N.O.P.D. to help.

Within minutes, yes I said minutes, vehicles from Entergy and Parks and Parkways arrived on the scene to remove the dangerous limb.

Many thanks to Ms. Cunningham for her quick action on this dangerous situation!

Give Ms. Cunningham a call at 504.658.1030 to let her know Faubourg St. John is truly grateful for wonderful folks like her!

Security cam photo of the truck that hit the tree.

The Department of Parks and Parkways is responsible for the maintenance of city trees. These are the trees on public property such as neutral grounds, parks and those trees between the sidewalk and the street. The Department responds to requests for tree removal, tree trimming and stump removal. The Department places primary importance on the issues of public safety and prioritizes its work accordingly. Citizens have the option of hiring an arborist and paying to have work done to a city tree in front of their property. This work must be done by a Louisiana licensed and insured arborist and requires a written permit from the Department of Parks and Parkways. The arborist must obtain the free permit. A non-comprehensive list of qualified arborists is available. Stumps may be removed without a permit but should be done only by a licensed contractor with insurance to protect the homeowner in case of accidents. The Department of Public Works has determined that the repair of sidewalks is the respnsiblity of the adjacent property owner. You may contact them at (504) 658-8000. A sidewalk bridging detail, (download here), is available which will allow the citizen to repair the sidewalk while accommodating the roots of the tree and minimizing the need for future repairs. Contact us for more information, to report a city tree problem, or to request pruning or removal.

Entergy is committed to maintaining its infrastructure in a manner that helps ensure the safety of its employees, customers, and community. Part of that commitment is trimming or removing trees that are too close to the power lines and may be likely to cause power outages or create a safety hazard.

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