Streetcars in Faubourg St. John 1927

Many thanks to Gary Parky for sharing his 1927 streetcar map!

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What is now Desmare Playground was the Esplanade Barn in 1927.
The Arabella Barn is now Whole Foods on Magazine.

Reported in the Times Picayune newspaper:
November 1, 1901

Reported in the Times Picayune newspaper:
April 28, 1873


– Owing to the energy shown by the officers and directors of this company, the double track on Broad Street and Grand Route Saint John is completed. In consequence of this wise improvement, the line of this company is now the shortest from Canal street to the Fair Grounds. The cars run without change as far as the turning-table, opposite the central gate of the Fair Grounds, fronting on Savage Street, between the third and fourth building, a few steps from the stand. The Orleans Railroad cars start without interruption, from the Clay Statue, corner of St. Charles and Canal Streets.
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July 3, 1868

Inauguration of the Orleans City Railroad

The first trip over the Orleans City Railroad was made the occasion of a pleasant excursion yesterday.

About 6 o’clock p.m. the officers of the road – President, George Clark; Secretary, Jules Benit; Directors, G.W. Hynson, D.B. Macarthy, B. Saloy, Joseph Hernandez, L.E. Lemarie and Frances Mouney – together with a large number of stockholders and invited guests, proceeded from opposite the office of the company, on Dauphine street, in two of the bright, new and elegant cars provided for the occasion, to travel over the length of the road and make as thorough an inspection of the same as circumstances would admit.
The route of the road is down Dauphine to Dumaine, out Dumaine to Broad, down Broad and beneath the overhanging branches of the trees that line this street, to Laharpe, and down Laharpe to the terminus of the road, where the spacious though as yet incomplete stables, etc., of the company are situate.(now Stallings Playground)
The depot is located on two squares of ground situate at the head of Bayou Savage, and near the Gentilly Road.
Though, the buildings have not been completed, the stables will be ready to afford shelter to the animals by tomorrow, when twelve cars will be placed upon the line.
Returning to the city the route passes down Grand Route Saint John, up Dumaine street to Broad, and thence by St. Peter and Basin streets to Canal.
After the excursion there was a very delightful collation spread at the office of the company, at which the greatest good feeling prevailed, and many toasts were drank to the success of the road, etc.
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EsplanadeAveStreetcar1921-photobyCharlesFranck-websiteStreetcar on Esplanade in 1921. Photo by Charles L. Franck

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On June 6, 1883, the Times Picayune reported the following:
“A boy named Albert Musgrove while running after a street car at the corner of Esplanade and Grand Route St. John, at 7 o’clock yesterday morning, fell and fractured his arm. Dr. Souchon attended the boy at his residence, No. 108 Grand Route St. John.”

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