Are Delivery Trucks Causing Injuries at Esplanade and Mystery Streets?

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Let me preface this post by saying this is NOT an April Fool’s joke.

The yellow Americans with Disabilities Act mat on the corner of Esplanade and Mystery is causing injuries.

One man tripped over the mat sticking up at Esplanade and Mystery and literally fell flat on his face which bloodied his nose and caused him to lose his glasses.   Karen at Terranova’s said an ambulance was called.

A woman wearing sandals caught her toe in the protruding mat and she bled profusely leaving blood on the corner.

Trucks delivering to Canseco’s warehouse door on Mystery Street appear to be sitting on and rolling over the ADA mat on the corner of Esplanade at Mystery Street.

Click on the photo above to get a better view of the large crack above the Americans with Disabilities Act mat at the corner of Esplanade and Mystery Streets.   The crack does not appear to be one caused by settling but by a large amount of weight pressing on the area.

Large bollards on either side of the mat could alleviate the problem of trucks rolling over and sitting on the ADA mat on the corner of Esplanade and Mystery Streets.

Please call 311 if you believe that this is a situation that should be immediately repaired.   I have called but, there is strength in numbers.   This really should be repaired right away.

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