All Aboard the SOUL Train
/ August 14, 2017 0 COMMENTS
The Greater New Orleans region is defined by our relationship with water, which ...
City to Bust Bandit Signs
/ August 25, 2011 0 COMMENTS
info courtesy Charlie’s Neighborhood News… In an exclusive interview Charlie’s Neighborhood News has learned from a trusted source that the City of New Orleans will be ...
Postcard from Home – Steamboat
/ August 21, 2011 0 COMMENTS
Courtesy The Linda Burns Collection
The Pedicabs are Coming
/ August 20, 2011 0 COMMENTS
photo by Charlie London Pictured above is a pedicab operator in Paris, France. Why walk when you can RIDE!! Need a Ride is a New Orleans Pedicab Company. Look for our white pedicabs in ...
Postcard from Home – Cornstalk Fence
/ August 14, 2011 0 COMMENTS
Postcard courtesy the Linda Burns collection Did you know there is a cornstalk fence in Faubourg St. John too? It’s at the corner of North White and Bell Streets.
New Bus Stop Signs
/ August 10, 2011 0 COMMENTS
New signs were installed today throughout the city. The sign above can be seen all along Esplanade Avenue. Click on the sign to see where Bus Route 91 goes! With your internet enabled ...
Century Old Bridge Has Pressing Need
/ August 3, 2011 0 COMMENTS
Photos by Charlie London The modernistic concrete bridge south of the Casino building in City Park is a monument to Thomas Day who in 1910 gave $1,500 to City Park. Unfortunately, the ...
Postcards from Home – Bayou St. John
/ July 31, 2011 0 COMMENTS
Lafitte Corridor
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Lafitte Corridor Happenings
/ July 25, 2011 0 COMMENTS
CLICK ON THE MAP TO FIND OUT WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE LAFITTE CORRIDOR The Lafitte Corridor Revitalization Plan will be a document that will address and provide specific ...
Remember This Guy?
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His message is just as poignant today!
Postcards from Home – Bayou Scene
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Postcards from Home – Magnolia Bridge
/ June 26, 2011 0 COMMENTS
Postcards from Home – 1887
/ June 19, 2011 0 COMMENTS
A painting of Bayou St. John at the end of Grand Route Saint John. The painting is by William Woodward and was done in 1887.
Postcards from Home – Opera House
/ June 12, 2011 0 COMMENTS
Linda Burns has graciously allowed use of her postcard collection. Linda collects postcards that depict scenes in New Orleans. Each week look for a new “postcard from home” ...