Animals & Pest Control

Nuisance wildlife removal
Mosquito Control Board

Elections & Voting

Registrar of Voters
Early Voting Sites

The Louisiana Secretary of State manages all elections-related information, from elections and voter registration information to statistics and educational materials. For answers to these questions, please visit the
Louisiana Secretary of State’s GeauxVote website.

Festivals, Parades & Celebrations

Mardi Gras concession stand, special event parking lot, reviewing stand and bracing permits

Health & Human Services

Health Department
Clinic locations
Dental clinics
WIC Program
Healthy Start
HIV Services
Find civil service jobs
Find unclassified jobs

Libraries & Museums

New Orleans Museum of Art
New Orleans Public Library

Parks, Trees & Neutral Grounds

Jackson Square booking and photography
City Parks rentals
Gallier Hall rental
Tree trimming and removal
Permit to plant a tree between the sidewalk and curb


City Park
Audubon Park
New Orleans Recreation Development Commission
Movies in the Park
Golf: City Park Golf Course
Joseph M. Bartholomew, Sr. Municipal Golf Course
Audubon Park Golf Course

Public Safety

Police Department
Fire Department
Emergency Medical Services
Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
NOLA Ready

Property Taxes

To pay your property taxes online, you will need your tax bill number. Search for your Real Estate bill number by visiting the Assessor’s website or call (504) 658-1712. If you need your Business Personal Property Tax number call (504) 658-1350.
New Orleans Online Property Tax Payment

Public Works & Utilties

Garbage collection schedule by area
Request recycling service
Recycling pickup schedule
Report illegal dumping
Electricity (Entergy)
Water and Gas (Sewer & Water Board)

Traffic & Transportation

Brake Tag inspections
Pay tickets
Disputing parking tickets or camera violations
Residential parking permits
Establish a residential parking program
Requests for meter or paystation space rentalsremovals
Street closure
Dumpster placement
Construction zone
Driveway or curb cut
Oversized load
Vendor zone
Taxi & For Hire Vehicles
Driver’s permit
Tour guide permit
Pedicab policies
In Order To Register For A Curbside Recycling Cart, You Must Contact The Sanitation Department By:
Completing a Recycling Registration Card,
Mailing or bringing the card to the
Department of Sanitation, City Hall
1300 Perdido Street, Room 1W03, N.O., LA 70112
Faxing the card to (504) 658-3801
Registering Online At
Calling us at (504) 658-3800


City of New Orleans Government Directory

To report blighted property please call (504) 658-4300/4301 or email Jonathan Solis at

To report an abandoned car or illegal parking please call (504) 658-8290/8291 or email Zepporiah Edmonds at

To report a street light outage please call (504) 658-8080

To report a pot hole please call (504) 658-8000 or email Nguyen Phan at




Louisiana State Alcohol Commission

Bobby Jindal                           Governor                                                         225-342-8006

Troy Hebert                             Commissioner                                                 225-925-4041

Jessica Stern                            Attorney                                                          225-925-4607

Lynn Musumeche                   Attorney I                                                       225-925-6345


City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitch Landrieu            Mayor of New Orleans                                   504-658-4945

Jared Munster                         Dir Safety and Permits                                   504-658-7100

Edward Horan                                    Zoning Administrator                                     504-658-7125

Larry Hesdorffer                     Dir Vieux Carre Commission Staff                504-658-1420

Charles Berg                           Vieux Carre Building Plans Examiner            504-658-1420



Many thanks to Mia of Ms. Bowen’s 5th grade class at the Mason Learning Center for finding this valuable resource about famous landmarks in the United States.



The Library of Congress Internet Legislative Information System. Updated daily, it provides a searchable database for information about all bills passed in the 107th and 108th Congress, bills pending in Congress, and House and Senate floor speeches and debates recorded daily in the Congressional Record.

Federal Departments, Bureaus, Agencies

A comprehensive list of links to the homepages of federal organizations, from the CIA and the Social Security Administration to the Department of Commerce and the White House.

FedWorld Information Network

A searchable database of federal information.

Government Printing Office

Provides free, searchable electronic access to a wealth of important information published by the federal government. The information provided on this site is the official version of government documents.

The White House

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

Library of Congress

Federal Judiciary

Get the latest updates on the U.S. court system.

research all federal websites from a single site.

Options to Prevent Foreclosure by Fannie Mae

How to Avoid Loan Modification Scams by Fannie Mae


Do You Know What Happened on This Date in History?

Fun and Educational Links

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government
Learn how your U.S. Government works, about its history and your civic responsibilities by reading these pages and playing the games on this site.

Visit the White House’s official page for kids and learn about president, his responsibilities and the history of the office.


Kid’s News 

Read news just for kids at the Washington Post Kid’s Post Page.


First Gov for Kids

The federal government’s portal for fun, educational and safe sites for kids.


CIA’s Homepage for Kids 

Learn what it takes to be a spy, read about the history of the CIA and try on spy disguises.


National Zoo

Meet the animals that live at our national zoo.


NASA Just for Kids 

Learn about our missions to space, new technologies and the history of our space program.


National Children’s Museum

Take a tour of the National Children’s Museum.


EPA’s Explorers’ Club

Learn about the environment and what you can do to protect it.


Smithsonian Kids’ Castle

The Smithsonian’s official site for kids includes games and learning material about the things that kids are interested in.


The Congressional Award 

The Congressional Award is a public partnership created by Congress to promote and recognize achievement, initiative, and service in America’s youth. The Congressional Award provides a unique opportunity for young people to set and achieve personally challenging goals that build character and foster community service, personal development, and citizenship.


Thank you to Michelle Peng at for sending in the links below:


American Government []

Building & Rebuilding the White House

U.S. Currency | Youth Education

The History of Money and Credit

TreasuryDirect KIDS – Teaching Kids About Debt

Talking About Money with Kids

Government Systems | Articles and Resources